Notes from a Nervous Planet -1 - Prof Yaffle's Attempted Breakout

It had to happen.  Sooner or later Prof Yaffle was going to get cabin fever.

And so on Sunday about 6pm, he announced that he would take the car for a run, otherwise the battery would go flat and all the computer thingys in the car would run amok.  Not sure who was running amok, the car or Prof Yaffle.  Anyway the plan was to drive up the A1 to the junction with M25 and turn around and come straight back.

So he left and I stayed, keeping the home fires burning.  I set about getting some dinner ready.  And sure enough twenty minutes later, I had a phone call, from one rather panicked Prof Yaffle.  The A1 southbound carriage way was closed. How was he going to get home?  Yep, that's one of the skills I've acquired over the years, navigator.  Before TomTom, there was CarolCarol!!  So what was he going to do?

Thank god for the internet, I consulted it and advise travelling westward on the M25, and taking either the A41 or M1 which would bring him back to Mill Hill.  I wish I'd had my camera to take a photo of his face when he came home.  He looked like someone who'd gone out to find that everyone had left the planet and we were alone.  


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