Thursday, 22 December 2011

Thursday, 8 December 2011

Journal Lost.............. Journal Found

My journal goes everywhere with me...  and each one gets a new cover so they are quite different and I can't miss them...  but oh gawd, as I've just discovered...  I can lose them..

Got up yesterday, going for a long walk, to walk off the birthday excessess, first check my bag, phone, money, bus pass, and journal...  not in my bag, What!!!! Not on my desk... not in the living-room, not nowhere....  picture a panic. 

Well it's good way to get myself going, I was out and sitting outside local cafe having a coffee by 8.50 am.  Just ran into M and S to check I hadn't left it there, no, nothing in their lost and found. So armed with caffeine and a moment for pause, but feeling bereft without my trusty journal to scribble in, I sat.......  was it the caffeine?  or just the pause? It came to me, yesterday I had popped into Smiths for something and I have a visual image of me, journal in hand, trying to manage my purchases with one hand, and bag in other and journal, and I had put it down whilst I paid.

Just finished my coffee as the shutters in Smiths were being raised. So I ran in and immediately the guy who had served me yesterday raised his hand and said, "I think I have something that belongs to you", and with his free hand he reached under the counter and produced my Journal.  I wanted to hug him, so overjoyed was I.

...... and no am not even going to reflect on "what if" the contents of my journal have been read or some of my less than generous observations ( I have made generous ones too)  of my fellow Millhillians have been posted to YouTube....  my journal is now back with me....


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