How To Make: Faux Washi Tape

Purchased Washi Tape
Washi Tape is Japanese masking tape, see photo 1.  I purchased some of the real stuff from the US, however, with postage and import duty, it is very expensive. And so far I've found no UK source for Washi Tape.

Some time ago I found this blog post by Julie K on "How to make Faux Washi Tape".  So recently I came across it again and decided to give it a go using blue and white masking tape, gesso, dye-based coloured ink pads and rubber stamps.

Photo 2: an upturned baking tin makes a surface to adhere the tape to while decorating.

Photo 3: Blue and White Masking Tape spread on the tin and covered with a light wash of Gesso.

Photo 4: Some of the stamps that I used to decorate the masking tape.

Photo 4a: These two stamps are cut up pieces of flip-flops using the sole surface as a stamp. The inspiration comes from Traci Bunkers book - Print and Stamp Lab.  Link to Traci's Blog. 

Photo 5: Masking Tape that has been stamped.

Photo 6: Finished Tape as a sampler page in art journal.

Photo 7:  Close up of tape.


Traci Bunkers said…
Oh, very cool! I'll have to try it!
crimsoncat05 said…
found you by way of Traci Bunker's facebook; very cool idea!! I love the stamps from the flip flop sole... I'm going to have to check out the shoe section at the store!
Andria said…
Found this post through Traci's site. I was just moaning about not having any washi tape today (I keep reading about it, but have never ordered any), and now I see how I can make my own. Awesome! Thanks for the idea.
Anonymous said…
You did a great job! How cool to use the flip flop patterns. Thanks for sharing the link with me ;)

Julie K in Taiwan

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