TLPK 1 Quiche Lorraine or a Marbles Board..... ?

Decided to set myself a little project.  Having spent the last five years negotiation my way through the IBS food mine field, learning what is low fodmap and what is high fodmap.  I have the Monash Fodmap app on my phone and that tells me which foods are high in fodmap and which are low. And so I negotiate supermarkets, android phone in hand checking if my veg or fruit are ok for me. Because meat is generally not a problem, what is a problem is how it is cooked.

Going to restaurants is fraught with difficulties.  With so much of today's restaurant food perhaps pre-prepared to some extent, I usually have to ask for the Allergens Menu (every restaurant should have one, its the law) and that's a hefty read before I even begin to eat, with the result that I tend to go to those restaurants where I can have a meal that has neither touch or been prepared with Onions or Garlic.  So watching a rerun of Rachel Khoo's, The Little Paris Kitchen on TV, I wondered idly if I could "Low-Fodmapise" some, of the recipes, those containing Onion and Garlic.  There is also a lovely section in the book on Sauces and Salad Dressings.

There are 102 recipes, with Sauce Recipes and Creme Patisierre. So with the exception of Shellfish, Scallops, Mussels and Oysters I will attempt to cook these over the next year and improve my knowledge of French Cuisine, which I've always thought of as fiddly and complicated. 

After watching the TV programmes of The Little Paris Kitchen, Rachel has enthused me to give it a go.  So there will be no marathon of cooking here, just 102 recipes in 365 days.  Nothing like Julie Powell's 524 recipes in 365 days, no killing of Lobster, definitely no Mussels (the orange colour of Mussels turns my stomach and I trust my gut instinct) or Scallops and no Aspics. Aspics are toast! Anything containing Onions and/or Garlic will have to be replaced, so my replacements will be pure experiment.

An so yesterday I set out to make one of my favourite dishes, a Quiche Lorraine or a Bacon and Egg tart.  First to make the pastry.  Easy peasy.  I like to blind bake mine and for the first time I used baking beans, a present from Chas.  Anything to make life easier.  Did I say easy-peasy? Well things are easy peasy when the instructions are followed as on the baking beans container......   unfortunately yours truly, didn't...  oh dear  

These two photos show the result of my first use of baking beans.  Looks something like a marbles board game eh! I had to wait until it cooled down before I picked out each and every bean, washed and dried them. And here's a photo of the finished product. Well  it gave us something to laugh at.  And it's back to the drawing board on this one.  Spot the undeliberate mistake? Yes, baking beans go on top of crushed baking parchment.....


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