Blackrock Co Louth - My Childhood Home

Recently I came across some photos on the Dundalk Democrat's Facebook page of the village where I lived until I was ten.  The photos showed how recent storms and tidal surges affected the village. This brings back memories for me of going to school on a stormy morning, and finding the sea had come in across the Main Street, with a wind howling down Sandy Lane, (where my primary school was) and of teachers having to come to the bottom of Sandy Lane, just opposite the Post Office take us in groups up the lane to our school.

In Photo 2: just out of the picture here is where Rock Road goes up the hill, we lived in Hillcrest, and if I recall some of our neighbours were the Sharkeys, the Devenneys and the Stewarts.

In the village itself there was an indoor Roller Skating Rink, Malloca's Cafe where we used to get chips and play the jukebox, and later on when the Swimming Pool was built I used to spend most of my summer holidays biking in and out to Blackrock, after we moved to Dundalk.

Photo 1:  The coast road across the Marshes on the North Side of Blackrock.  Photo: Pat O'Shaughnessy

Photo 2: The road into Blackrock from the North. Photo: Pat O'Shaughnessy

Photo 3: Blackrock Main Street looking North Photo: Aidan Stewart

Photo 4: Blackrock Main Street Photo: Aiden McCann
Photo 5: Blackrock Main Street Photo: Maire Agnew

Photo 6: Blackrock from the viewed from the south: Photo: Aidan Devenney


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