How To Avoid Paying Parking Charges On Your Local High Street

Bet that caught your attention....  well it certainly did mine today.  There I was having my afternoon latte hit after a morning of struggling to decide what shade of fabric I would use in my next project, and how would I dye it, strong tea-bags? or Beetroot?  Oh, but what about avoiding parking charges you say.  Oh yes, that.  So as I settle down to enjoy my latte and sketch and note the thoughts flooding through my brain in relation to said project, something caught my eye.

Across the road outside the butchers a car pulls into a parking space, the driver, gets out, goes round to the passenger side and out comes his son, probably about five-ish, he then opens his boot and leaves it open and crosses the street in my direction and goes into the Post Office.  I thought he forgot to close the boot.  So when he comes walking back past the cafe, I call out to him and mention that he forgot to close his car boot.  He smiles at me, and says thank you; but looks just a little, well - guilty. And he then pops into Barclays and emerges a few minutes later, crosses the road, puts his son in the car, closes the boot, gets into car and drives off.

Clever, eh?


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