The Mouse and the Art Journal

So you look at these pictures and think, - where's the Mouse?  -  well Ms Mouse, (oh yes we know it was female) is the creative genius behind the wonderfully serrated edge on the spotted paper, and you ask how?  Well, I have some rolls of paper that are stored under a wardrobe. (it's the usual thing I do just to tidy them out of the way).

Took them out the other day to find that one roll had been eaten along the edge and had a beautifully serrated edge that could only have been achieved by.... yes a mouse. So just before I cut it level and stored it away again, I thought aaaaaaaaha that would make a good piece for my art journal background. 

Thank you Ms Mouse, for your creative work and I do hope you escaped the attention of our resident feline, Dim Sum.  I have put the rolls of paper back under the wardrobe and wonder if you could have another go at them, that would be wonderful. 

Close-up of Ms Mouse's serration technique

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