Just been read the riot act by my GP. Not as bad as it may sound.  She is an extremely good and thorough doctor, nothing gets by her. And there is always a wait to see her because of her throughness and the time she gives to her patients. 

So it's a new year and a new project.  Project me; have to reduce my cholesterol, which will involve daily exercise and a complete change in diet.  Goodbye to all my favourites, cheese, chicken skin, white bread, chocolates, sugary drinks, cheese (especially camenbert, did I mention cheese before... yes that's because that will be a big sacrifice), full fat milk, butter..... yep just about anything that I might crave is off the menu.

So say hello to lots of veg, and for that I a now going to scour the internet for suitable recipes that I can use.  That means that my tried and tested menu for the week which I don't even have to think about is now, off the menu, except for fish.

A total rethink of eating habits...... god I feel depressed already.


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