Recycling a Planner into an Art Journal

Last year I was given a Journey to Wings - Kelly Rae Roberts Planner.  Now the year is up and it's sitting on the shelf.  I was about to throw it out and thought, maybe I can use this as an art journal.  So using some of the ideas I've garnered over the years and in particular from Caatje's Blog, I decided to have a go.

I've used scraps of paper from my scrap box and tissue to cover the original lines so I can still write on those pages.  When I've finished preparing the pages, then maybe I'll use Gesso or Acrylic Paint to block out some of the images or write and draw.  I am inspired by Caatje's Work to have a go and see what happens.  Later I will post some of my finished pages.

The cover

Original Pages

Original Month dividers, not sure what I'll do here

Prepared page

Prepared page

Prepared page

Prepared page

Prepared page

Original lined pages covered with tissue so I can still write on the lines

Prepared page, I really like this one

Prepared page, another one I really like


Carin Winkelman said…
Very cool! Thank you for mentioning me!
iHanna said…
Great reminder that a book that is already made can be re-made into something that it wasn't intended for. Love your pages, and of course it's a very pretty starting point too.
Chris said…
I have a few of these around the house - actually they belonged to dh, but were never used, so I might just play with them anyway. I love how you've made yours into art journals with your wonderful images.

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