My Messy Side

Over on Hanna's blog she recently posted about those "two sides" we all possess, the side we show to others, and the side that rarely gets aired on our blogs.  So, just to show myself, as much as you, that I am completely human and messy; that I believe that out of chaos comes some kind of order, that chaos is a vital part of the creative process, here are some photos of my creative area.  It's here that I mess around and try to create something out of my messy creative mind, filled with loads of ideas, that may or may not result in a finished piece of work.

my shelves, where all the stuff on my desk should soon return to!!!!

my desk a current thorn in my side cos it needs to be cleared!!

my worktop


Max Oliver said…
You think that's messy? It looks like the perfect combination of organization & creative chaos to me!
Carin Winkelman said…
That's the way a creative area is supposed to look, you you're actually USING it. ;-)

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