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The Spine Decoration of Planner Cover
Since I saw this post on Hanna's blog, I knew it was the planner I wanted and needed. After searching the local stationary shops, I couldn't find a cardboard folder with a three cm spine so I used a plastic folder. And then I realised that it would be difficult to paste paper on the folder as a cover.... and a cover would be important to me. So since I'd already made fabric covers for journals, I thought hey, I can make a fabric cover for my planner.

So using my favourite cotton fabric, (for the outer cover Bomull from Ikea), I dyed it using Beetroot, I kid you not it give a wonderful faded shabby pink effect.  Then I stamped it with various stamps, text, Frida Kahlo, and trees.  And then iron with as hot an iron as possible without scorching the fabric, that's important!  Next step, add a flat wadding and inner lining and sew.

Templates for the diary pages and notes came from the DIY Planner website. I used the weekly planner pages (blank - no dates) as my actual diary pages, and the monthly planner pages. There are also some useful notes pages, for the other sections I will putting in the planner. It's such a flexible idea, and it means that I can add pages or take page out when the need arises.  Later am going to add Tab Dividers for Notes, Projects, etc.   So three cheers for Hanna who comes up with wonderful creative ideas and inspiration so often that it is sometimes hard to keep up.

Inside Front Cover Fold which creates a pocket
Notes Pages for Notes, Projects etc

Front of Cover
Diary Pages

Tab Dividers of Diary

Year Planner


Max said…
Lovely - the one thing that worries me is getting the hole-punch in the right position - any tips?
ainelivia said…
Okaaay, never thought of that. My hole punch has a center notch, and I usually fold the paper in half and just press on that inner edge of paper that you will be putting into the punch (don't completely fold the paper that will leave a line) and line up that mark with the center notch. Works every time... try it and see if it works with your punch...
iHanna said…
Wow, lots of cheers for you for designing your own planner and doing it with your own twist. The cover is beautiful, love the sweet spine oh well, all of it! :-)
Love this!
You did a great job designing this planner, thank you for sharing. :]
Mescrap said…
Beautiful !
The lovely planner make us not to forget to used them frequently.
søren said…
this is gorgeous - do you know who makes that tree stamp?

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