I Come From A Land ...... just over there to the left.....

Yes, before anyone points out the obvious, I do come from Ireland, a land where statues are often reported to Cry, Move, and Bleed.  No sightings have yet been reported of statues eating a McDonalds or sipping a Latte.  But you never know.

So when I noticed the shape of the candle drippings on my coffee table after Christmas I put it away carefully, because it reminded me of something but I just couldn't think what, at the time.  Yesterday it suddenly came to me.  So the first image is what the form reminds me of and the second the candle drippings themselves.  Is it just me?

My Christmas Candle Drippings


Rog T said…
I must have a filthy mind, it looks like a fresco of an orgy to me

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