Charity Shop Finds

Had a bumper week last week, found these four books in local charity shops on the Broadway.  The first three are all quilting related; the Grandmothers quilt book includes muslin templates.  The Pippi Longstocking, is a boxed Oxford edition with wonderful illustrations by Lauren Child (author and illustrator of Charlie and Lola).   These four books cost £15.  A long way from the £70 they would have cost new, and all are in really good condition.

Three Quilting Books

Pippi Longstocking

One of the wonderful Lauren Child illustrations for Pippi Longstocking


The charity shops are excellent especially Oxfam - you can ask them in there to look out for things as well ( Debbie is a great manager )
Thought of you today when up on the Ridgeway - the Frost made the place look amazing and I am hoping you have got your camera out and taken some photos. Truly spectacular and never seen it like that before.
ainelivia said…
Yes I really do like Oxfam, and the staff are really helpful and chat to customers. Good atmosphere.

Unfortunately have been housebound with flu, so haven't been out and about. I can imagine how beautiful it must have been, so soon as, I'll be out there.

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