A Day In The Life.........Pay Extra for No Visible Pantyline - I kid you not!!!!

Just popped in to my local M&S foodstore for a few things, when I remembered that I need a five pack of underwear.  So carrying full basket, I trundle to that section.  Why is it that the size I want is never immediately to hand.  Dum, dum, dum ah there's one,  size .... -  you don't need to know that - grab and throw in basket.  Off to the checkout. 

There I am packing food into the bag that I've dutifuly brought, when I see the readout,  £12...  what?  there's nothing in there costs that much.  "Sorry, how much is that", I say".  "£12"  replies the checkout lady, holding up the underwear packet. 

"£12!!!", says me.  "For plain bog standard black panties?  Are you sure??"  She holds the packet out towards me and moves closer to, with a look thrown over her shoulder at the waiting queue. 

"You see Madam", she says despite the fact she knows me, "These are the VPL Tactel ones".  For a moment I thought she said tactile.  What M&S are now selling Ann Summer?  I guess I looked none the wiser.  So she leans even closer and utters as near to a whisper as she can manage. 

"These are No Visible Pantyline and made from super soft fabric".  Ah, yes I have heard of "No Visible Pantyline" somehwere before, but up to now I've never bothered.  And all I wanted was M&S bog standard panties in black that I have been buying for years, cost about £8.  £4 extra pounds for a No Visible Pantyline.  Hmmmmm. 

Oh what the hell.  Ok I say, and she smiles that "you didn't know what NVP" was, when really it was the Tactel pronounced tactile that really threw me, that and the price. And I just want to get out of there. There is now a queue backing up all the way to the shelves with very curious looks on their faces.

Note to self, never buy underwear from the food store again.


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