The Daily Photo 2010: 11 - Union Church - Then and Now

Union Church Mill Hill
There once was a very pretty church at the A41 end of Mill Hill. During last January's snowfall I took a picture of it. 

A few months later I walked past it to find it was now a building site.  Wonder what they'll put in it's place?  Tesco? Aldi? 

Union Church Now


love coffee&art said…
Hi Carol - so lovely to meet a fellow artist today. Thank you for appreciating my art. I shall look you up on LinkedIn and send you the information about the bloggers group.

I believe the Church is going to be flats :(

I love your work - I am experimenting on something similar using collages of Klimt paintings - acrylic, felt pens, etc...not sure how it will turn out but that's half the fun!!

Going to check out iHanna next - thanks for the tip and lets keep in touch

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