Angharad - In Memory

Angharad, my dearest friend, died yesterday peacefully with her family around her. In 2008 when she was diagnosed, I wrote this blog post, A Wish: A Summer Holiday, Birthdays and Christmas. Her wish was granted. I miss and will miss my friend forever.

These past months have been a process of letting go, for Angharad, and those of us around her. Yesterday, quite by accident I came across this poem on Katie Kendrick's Joyously Becoming blog, with Katie's permission I am quoting it here.

Walking in the woods
slowly surrendering into You
your eyelids flutter immense skies opening
a reflection of our light and rain.
young budded vines grass the yearning
with compassion
evoking every blade with the promise of passage
to the sun, and dreams that float
on bright green wings.
A sea bird calls
the river endlessly recedes
enduring, bending, reflecting
singing its eternal song on the beauty of
letting go, letting go, letting go.
Katie Kendrick


kshern said…
Sorry to hear about your friend's demise. Well, at least she's in a better place now. I have been unfortunate to have quite a few friends leaving too, at such a young age. :(
saesnes said…
That is so sad, but lovely. I'm so glad your friend's wishes were granted xx

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