Saturday, 19 June 2010

The Daily Photo 2010: 11 - Union Church - Then and Now

Union Church Mill Hill
There once was a very pretty church at the A41 end of Mill Hill. During last January's snowfall I took a picture of it. 

A few months later I walked past it to find it was now a building site.  Wonder what they'll put in it's place?  Tesco? Aldi? 

Union Church Now

Tuesday, 8 June 2010

METTA ZINE No:1 by Hanna Andersson

Hanna's Metta-Zine arrived in a beautiful packet she had created from wallpaper I think.  What a joy to find this lovely packet in my post box.  If you haven't discovered Hanna yet, visit her blog at iHanna's Creative Space.  It is a treasure-blog full of wonderful ideas and inspiration.  And you can buy some of iHanna's wonderful work at her Etsy-Shop.

In Metta-Zine No: 1: Art Journalling Love, Hanna writes about art-journalling; what it means to her, how she began, the blocks to creative work, the joys of discovery through experiment.   I was drawn immediately to two chapters entitled: Fear and Hesitation,  (I know these two well); and Ugly is not Bad, (which speaks to my control-freaking perfectionist streak).  All that Hanna writes in her zine I know about from my own perspective, though now to have someone speak about their difficulties and joys in creating helps me to understand that I am not alone.  And that even as Hanna says, "Ugly wants to come out and play too.  Let it out". (p.19) This is liberating idea.

One of the elements of Metta Zine I found delightful and tactile, is that Hanna has incorporated sewing into the construction of her zine, which gives the work a very special feel.


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