Thursday, 22 July 2010

An Earl Gray Box Takeover

All it has to be is a box.  Any box.  Leave it out for long enough and I will surely find a cat curled up in it.  See what I mean.

Monday, 12 July 2010

Moth Eaten Clouds - A iHanna Collage

Today a collage I got from iHanna arrived.  On Hanna's blog the collage looked really nice framed in an IKEA Ribba frame.  So after ordering Hanna's collage last week, I ventured out to IKEA in Wembley to get my frame.  But IKEA are having their sale, and had no stock of Ribba, though they assured me that they would get more, they could not say when.  So though I did return home with some goodies from IKEA, especially their Cinnamon Buns, I didn't have my frame. 

So when the collage arrived this morning, I remembered that I had made some papier-mache frames which I'd not yet used and wondered if the collage might fit in one.  Unfortunately, it doesn't, so I might just tape it to the back of the frame temporarily until more Ribba's arrive.  To get the collage to fit in this frame, I'd have to cut down the backing, and there is a wonderful spray paint effect outside the collage itself which I don't want to lose.


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