Wednesday, 19 August 2009

Down My Street - A Plea From The Heart

With the summer holidays here, the local children play in the street. Living in a cul de sac makes that relatively safe. Yesterday I found this poster stuck to a lamp post as I went to the shops. The poster reads:

"Lost Scooter Number 43 plz 2 give back."
Love the way children these days utilise texting language; suppose that's how the language evolves. So far no news of lost Scooter, has he been returned? Maybe we shall never know.

Saturday, 8 August 2009

Abbey Road 8th August 2009

On the 8th August 1969 the Beatles crossed the Abbey Road zebra crossing. Today, at 11.35 am on the Zebra Crossing outside the Abbey Road Studios will be a celebration of 40 years since the Beatles were photographed here.

Abbey Roads live webcam will record the event, and here's the link. You might just see me.

Friday, 7 August 2009

New Blog Banner

Hurrah, finally.... at last. I figured out a way to create the blog banner I want, a spread from my art journal, with cutout letters to create the blog name.

Wednesday, 5 August 2009

Chartier - The Best Restaurant in Paris

Found this by accident on Youtube. This is the first restaurant I went to in Paris, then it was something of a well-kept secret, not so sure about now. This is much better than just a photo.

Tuesday, 4 August 2009

Fruits of the Highways, Byways, and Alleys

There's a bumper crop of Blackberries waiting to be foraged in our local lanes this year. I think I'll make jam.

Sunday, 2 August 2009

From Brownie 127 to Panasonic Digital

The first camera I used was a Brownie 127, bakelite, oval shaped and basic. since then I've had a few cameras, all of course film cameras. Yesterday, looking through my computer photo gallery, there were over 3,000 photos, and not one of them have I had developed or printed.

In some ways technology is wonderful, in some it's not the same. I can recall the days of film, when I took photos and then had them developed; the excitement of opening the envelope and wondering if they had emerged as a I imagined them or not. And often it was, not. Now I can take photos, delete them there and then if I don't like them.

Here are some of my 3,000; photos of some of my favourite subjects, snow and one of my cats. The cat in this photo, Earl Gray has just seen snow for the first time. You can tell by the expression on his face. I imagine that what he's thinking is "where are those socks she said she'd knit me"


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