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Notes from a Nervous Planet - 2

So this is the new normal.  We eat everyday at 6.30pm ish and usually watch the Channel 4 News afterwards.  For the last two weeks I've been recording the news and maybe watching it later, or the next day., or never. I no longer watch the news at 1pm, as I've been doing for years.  There's just too much dread out there. 

I've never been in a war situation, but one look at the supermarket shelves tells me that things are not the "normal" they were. Wondering when they will bring in rationing.  I just thank god for my hoarding tendencies. (about which my fella has complained bitterly in the past.  He ain't complaining now.)  I think I got it from my Mother, she had lived through a war, and left overs always ended up in a kind of "Shepherds Pie" with tomatoes and Mashed Potato on top.  Thanks to the food hoarding tendencies and something called the "McGahon Frugal Gene",  I have at least three months supply of spaghetti.  And that came abo…

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