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TLPK 1 Quiche Lorraine or a Marbles Board..... ?

Decided to set myself a little project.  Having spent the last five years negotiation my way through the IBS food mine field, learning what is low fodmap and what is high fodmap.  I have the Monash Fodmap app on my phone and that tells me which foods are high in fodmap and which are low. And so I negotiate supermarkets, android phone in hand checking if my veg or fruit are ok for me. Because meat is generally not a problem, what is a problem is how it is cooked. Going to restaurants is fraught with difficulties.  With so much of today's restaurant food perhaps pre-prepared to some extent, I usually have to ask for the Allergens Menu (every restaurant should have one, its the law) and that's a hefty read before I even begin to eat, with the result that I tend to go to those restaurants where I can have a meal that has neither touch or been prepared with Onions or Garlic.  So watching a rerun of Rachel Khoo's, The Little Paris Kitchen on TV, I wondered idly if I could "L

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